Customized leather charm



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*Please kindly note that we are not taking new orders for 2023/2024 at the moment.


BEFORE COMMITTING please kindly note below:

Product is 100% hand-cut leather marquetry art piece, it requires the artist’s art interpretations, this is not a print or paint product, please kindly set appropriate expectations. 

Each art piece is made with genuine leather and intense workmanship, roughly 40-50hours of work, please allow about 3-4weeks leadtime. 

Work in progress photos will be shared for appreciation of the making of each art piece. Due to nature of arts, we are unable to take any comment for change. 

Product size will be approximately 10cm-14cm in height, based on head portrait only due to limitation of size and difficulty of the workmanship. 

We might be using exotic leather for the art piece, therefore item can not be shipped internationally. 

Last but not least, we are really thankful that you noticed our works, please make note above before contacting us. We love what we do and we hope that our time spent will be respected and our work will be truly appreciated and loved.

May this be a wonderful experience for both parties. 

No urgent order.